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Fri, 15 Dec 1995 07:42:21 -0500

On 14 Dec 95 at 11:40, Simon Craven, via Joseph R. Boeke typed diligently:

> Paul Cotcher <> writes:
> >1) Who makes the best kits? I know the DML kits are supposed to be
> >excellent, however what I am more interested in is who is the best
> >among the limited issue manufacturers? I have seen listings for the
> I'm a good way through the new Eduard 1/48 Sopwith Pup and I think it's a
> little beauty! Excellent use of photo etch, nice injected pieces,good
> white metal. Looks like the real aeroplane. All you need to do is
> rig, and you'll have a fully detailed model, "straight out of the box".

Not true, if you like accuracy. Eduard did the same thing that
Airfix did, and forgot the exhaust channel and the kingpost at the


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