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Matt Bittner (
Fri, 15 Dec 1995 07:42:21 -0500

There were a few of you who were interested in the AMT/Ertl XB-70.
Well, I had the chance to see a production, limited edition kit, and
all I have to say is - WOW. Not only is the sucker huge, but it
appears to be well detailed. It has a complete cockpit - unusual,
since you can't see a lot of it.

However, some advice: if you plan on getting the "limited edition",
it's not going to be as limited as was first thought. Not are the
"differences" really worth anything. It was first advertised that
the limited edition was only going to be 5,000 models. Well, in the
greed that has become the US, they've upped it to 15,000 - for now.
There is a *rumor* that they're going to up it to 30,000. Not
exactly limited anymore, is it. Also, the only thing you get that's
different from the "regular" run is a PLASTIC plaque (the box has you
believe it's a brass plaque - it's only brass plated plastic) and a
picture. Ohhhh...Ahhhh...

I saw this at our annual kit exchange. One individual was extremely
lucky that night - no, not the one who took home the XB-70 :-) but
the one who walked away with the Eduard Morane L I "contributed".

Oh, and what did I manage to come away with? Don't ask. Although
it's not a bad kit, it's in the wrong scale and the wrong era.
All right, I'll tell - the AMT/Ertl F7F Tigercat in 1/48th.

I was more dissappointed that I was the only one out of 26 people
that brought a *real* model - even if it was in that _other_ scale!
;-) I just can't seem to part with 1/72nd WW1!!!


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