Re[2]: W.W. I Aircraft Kits & Techniques Questions
Fri, 15 Dec 95 08:25:48 PST

> >1) Who makes the best kits? I know the DML kits are supposed to be
> >excellent, however what I am more interested in is who is the best
> >among the limited issue manufacturers? I have seen listings for the

Still waiting to see a WWI kit that is equivalent in detail,
accuracy and fit to some of the WWII 1/48 out there. DML is
interesting, but fit can be a problem. At least the
molding is clean unlike Eduard. Eduard PE is really cool,
but the molding is pretty crude. Same with Smer and it has
no PE. Interesting subjects. BTW, I prefer the brass PE to
stainless steel PE (rocks breaks scissors, scissors cuts
paper, Eduard beats DML/Dragon).

So when will companies such as Tamiya, Accurate, Hasegawa,
etc come out with really nice WWI stuff? It sure seems like
this field is always doing field dressings over kit
-----Stephen Tontoni