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Fri, 15 Dec 1995 18:18:41 -0500

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> So when will companies such as Tamiya, Accurate, Hasegawa,
> etc come out with really nice WWI stuff? It sure seems like
> this field is always doing field dressings over kit
> shortcomings.

Wow. You just summed up the whole problem with the WW1 modeling
field. Think about it. Are there any kits you know of that can -
honestly - be built out of the box? With no additions, no
corrections, no outline correcting, nothing you need to add to the
cockpit. Even the DML kits fall short. And if you're thinking about
saying one of the Eduard kits, think again. That flat brass is going
to need some type of help - be it replacement or "paint build up".
Also look at Eduard's engines. HA! Even though they're supplying
"white metal", they're so drab - and who know just how accurate -
that replacement is almost a necessity.

Then think about 1/72nd. Take one that I'm working on, the Pegasus
Roland D.II. Although a wonderful kit, it falls short in a few
areas. If you're a real stickler, you will need to correct the wing
outline. If you don't care, then the "cockpit" that Pegasus supplies
is a joke, and doesn't look at all like the real thing. One can go
on and on.

Come on, companies, why skimp on WW1 when you do such "good" work on
all the other eras? Aren't some of DML's "other" kits pretty decent?
Then why mess up the WW1's? However, although they're wonderful
kits, I'm not sure I want Accurate doing WW1. To me they're turning
into a Meikraft. Have you seen Accurate's Avengers? How about their
Dauntless? Where's the Sturmovik? For the comparison, where's
Meikraft's A-36? Their Lloyd Triplane?

Gads, it looks like I'm on a role. You shouldn't have got me
started. I have been yearning for an "out of the box" WW1.
Injected. You can get pretty close with some of the resins - Plum
Blossom's Lloyd comes to mind - but it's not the same, nor are the
price comparison's there.

Whew. I guess I can get off that soapbox now...


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