Re: Re[2]: W.W. I Aircraft Kits & Techniques Questions

Bill Shatzer (
Fri, 15 Dec 1995 19:38:06 -0800

>On 15 Dec 95 at 8:25, typed diligently:
>> So when will companies such as Tamiya, Accurate, Hasegawa,
>> etc come out with really nice WWI stuff? It sure seems like
>> this field is always doing field dressings over kit
>> shortcomings.
>Wow. You just summed up the whole problem with the WW1 modeling
>field. Think about it. Are there any kits you know of that can -
>honestly - be built out of the box? With no additions, no
>corrections, no outline correcting, nothing you need to add to the
>cockpit. Even the DML kits fall short. And if you're thinking about
>saying one of the Eduard kits, think again. That flat brass is going
>to need some type of help - be it replacement or "paint build up".
>Also look at Eduard's engines. HA! Even though they're supplying
>"white metal", they're so drab - and who know just how accurate -
>that replacement is almost a necessity.

Kwitcherbitchin' and count your blessings. I lived through the
'great WW1 drought' of the late '70's and early and mid '80's
when just about -nothing- was available in WW1. I once paid
$15 (at a time when Hasegawa 1/32 scale kits were $15!) for
an Airfix Hannover. I carefully cultivated 'pen pal' relationships
with Czech modelers so I could trade for Smers. I hunted down
old Aurora stuff, even the -really- bad kits! I even, God help me,
got so desperate that I bought the Monogram "Red Baron' hot rod
kit just for the little 1/87 scale triplane included with the car

WW1 after market decals and accessories? They didn't exist 'cept
a couple of Microscale sheets which were almost never in print and
contained such helpful goodies as the serials and data blocks for
the Breguet 14 - leading to the ever vain hope that sometime, somewhere,
a 1/72 Brequet 14 would materialize to stick the decals on.

Lighten up folks - this may not be heaven but it's at least Iowa!
Nowadays you've got -lots- of kits to pick from and they almost
all will build up into decent looking replicas right out of the box -
maybe not contest winners, but decent looking replicas none the less.
Try saying that about the Airfix Dr.I which for a long time was one
of only 3 or 4 WW1 model kits available from any manufacturer.


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