Re: Re[2]: W.W. I Aircraft Kits & Techniques Questions

Matt Bittner (
Sat, 16 Dec 1995 09:36:51 -0500

On 15 Dec 95 at 23:26, August T. Horvath typed diligently:


> among the new releases. E.g., I'll take the Airfix Pup or the Revell
> Nieuport 28 any day, over the Minicraft P-40B, F4F, or Spitfire XIV --
> all three of the latter needing serious work to look anything like the
> real article, and 2 of the 3 being the best on the market of their
> subject in 1/72. And just try to get, in 1/72, a decent kit of the:
> P-51B, Lancaster, Typhoon, Aichi D3A, Bf109E. Can't be done!

Hey, what about the Hasegawa F4F? Sure, the cockpit needs work...hey
wait. That's what this whole conversation is anyway, correct?
Anyway, you can get the Hasegawa F4F and the True Details cockpit
set, and it will only set you back about $20 - and you've got a great
kit on your hands. For around $19, you can get the Pegasus Roland
D.II - and still scratch the cockpit.

Okay, maybe I need to stop this thread.

Here's a "positive" one: what kits - if any - have you put down on
your Christmas list? Even though all of my family (for some reason)
refuses to buy me any model stuff, I still put down Eduard's Pup and
Fokker D.VI. Sure, 1/48th, but a lot easier to find than a Plum
Blossom FE2b or a Pegasus Rumpler. And two neat airplanes, in
whatever scale.


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