Re: Re[2]: W.W. I Aircraft Kits & Techniques Questions
Sat, 16 Dec 95 19:26 CST

On Sat, 16 Dec 1995, Matt wrote:

>Seriously, what I was trying to get at was that if companies are able
>to make great strides with WW2 and other eras, then why not WW1?
>That's all. Did I get too winded for the whole conversation? :-)
>Who, me?

I think it really boils down to economics. There probably just isn't
the same market for WW1 kits as there is for WW2. The older model
companies just aren't going to take risks; that's why Eduard is filling
a niche market. The older companies figure they can sell many more
thousands of FW-190s than an entire WW1 line of kits. Face it, we're
the [small] elite of the hobby :-)