Re: Obsolete WW-I kits

Bill Shatzer (
Sun, 17 Dec 1995 15:05:28 -0800

Jeff wrote:
>Sounds like the Hasegawa "museum Series" kits that were out a few years
>ago. Squadron has them in their updates every now and then. As I recall
>there was a Sopwith Camel, SE 5A, and Fokker Dr1, all in 1/12 scale.
>Jeff C
I think the Hasegawa WW1 a/c were 1/8th scale while the Wright Flyer
was 1/16th. These kits are no longer made but there are probably
still a few kicking around from the kit collectors' sources. I've
got no idea what the 'fair' price on these might be - probably in
the $300+ range. They did make up into beautiful models though.


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