Re: Marco's miniatures 1:24 multi-medi WWI ac kits.

Gerald P. McOsker (
Sun, 17 Dec 1995 20:15:41 -0500

Tom Lundy is asking about the Marco's kits- I have the Fokker DV but
havn't started construction. Windsock gave the earlier kits Pfalz- Fokker
DVII- a qualified blessing but they have had good words to say about the
Albatros DV.
BTW-Four Star Collectibles has the most atrocious prices of any of the old
kit lists. I have found better luck with APC Hobbies [Earlysvill VA.] who
publish a bi-monthly old kit list.
Cheese Gerry

Gerry McOsker- Newport Rhode Island.

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