Re: 1/72 D.VIII models (was Re: Blue Rider/Phoenix tools for sale)
Sun, 17 Dec 1995 22:08:31 -0500

I just bought the Eduard Fokker DVIII, and it looks good. It has a nice 2"x3"
Photoetched sheet with a nice cockpit, engine details, perforated gun
jackets, and control horns. The gun stocks are resin, and there are 12
injected parts for the body, wings, tail, wheels, cowling, propeller, and
engine. There are 3 decal sheets, a B&W sheet with markings and data for 2
EV's from Jasta 6, and two sheets with top and bottom lozenge pre-cut for the
DVIII. I paid about $18, with discount and tax. Looks good.