Re: Obsolete WW-I kits
Sun, 17 Dec 1995 20:21:15 -0800

Lee Hanson wrote:

>Years ago (8+) I recall seeing some very impresive WW-I airplane >kits at a
local shop.
>Now that I have some money, no one at any of our local shops >knows anything
>about them.
>As I recall, they were Japanese, scale unknown (app. 2 or 3 foot >wingspan
>for a Spad), mixed construction (metal, plastic and wood) and >expensive.

>Does anyone have anymore info on these kits and possible >availability?

This sounds like the Hasegawa "Museum quality" kits. I think there were 4
diffrent kits, and I hear they are very good. I think I saw at least one of
them advertised in the latest Squadron flyer, so they are available. Contact