Lack of new WW1 subjects to tackle.

Paul Butler (
Mon, 18 Dec 1995 16:05:17 +1100

Just a suggestion to all of the 1/72 master modellers on the list.

If you ever get bored with what you have available, because of a shortage of
new kits or colour schemes, you could always do what many of the "large scale
modellers" do -- SCRATCH BUILD --.

Pick a subject that is well documented. Work to a larger scale, say 1/24 which
is easy to enlarge from a Windsock Datafile.

Be prepared to use mixed media, ie real wood and silk. Create just about
every visible nut and bolt.

I guarantee that you will have a project for at least a year and because you
did it all yourself you will be proud, no matter how much better you think you
can do it next time.

There was an excellent example of what I mean in the form of a 1/18 scale
Albatros D.Va that featured in a past issue of Windsock (cannot remember the
issue but I have it at home).

Storage space is not a problem because you cannot make very many models of
that quality and size very quickly. Just think of the reduction in the number
of times you have to justify your latest expenditure to SHMBO. Since you
are working from basic materials you may not spend more than you otherwise
would on a number of 1/72 kits.

Just think of the new skills that you will acquire. There is more to the
modelling world than preformed kits and glue (no insult intended).

Imagine the new traffic we can create on the list as people exchange ideas about
the ways and means of achieving these new skills.

I prefer to do EVERYTHING. I rarely work from someone elses plans because I
like to create everything. I do however carefully examine other peoples work
and seek out guidance and assistance to avoid repeating the mistakes
already made by others. I have purchased plans for this sole purpose.

Just a tongue in cheek suggestion.

Paul Butler