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Matt Bittner (
Mon, 18 Dec 1995 07:05:36 -0500

On 18 Dec 95 at 11:35, Jose Valenciano typed diligently:

> Hi! I'm Joey Valenciano From the Philippines and am new on the list.

Welcome! You'll find a great mix of people on this list. The best
list on the 'net, IMNSHO.

> I model planes (1/48 now mostly Great War subjects but sometimes WW2 or
> earlier stuff) and armour (1/35 WW2 wanting to get into WW1 subjects).

Okay, okay. I'll give the guy a break. At least he models WW1!!

> I'm currently building 4 of Udet's a/c's:.
> * The Dr.I (ex-Kirchstien)
> * The Eindekker (was the rudder standard finish or all black?; lost the cowl,
> now have to scratchbuild it ugh!, anyone with a spare?)
> * The Red Fok D7 w/ top wing stripes.
> * The all lozenge Fok D7 w/ blk&wht fuelage outlines.

This got me thinking. Who were the people that flew Fokker E.IV's?
I think Immelman was one, but who was the other (well known)?


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