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Richard G. Ivansek (
Wed, 6 Dec 1995 17:39:02 -0800

You wrote:
>To continue a thread:
>>> >Any books?. If he, or anyone else, has the Harleyford Rcon and
Bomber book
>>> >I would be interested.
>>> >
>>> >Howard
>>> You, me and a lot of other folks have that interest. Recently
a copy
>>> sold via World War One Aeroplanes for $1,100.00 !!!!!!!!
>>You have got to be kidding. You mean my original 60's era copy - 1st
>>printing - is worth $1000+ ???????
>>How about the Fighters and the Marine Aircraft books?
> These books are really "worth" what someone is willing to pay for
>them, and obviously this can be a lot of $$$.
> I have the Fighter and Marine a/c volumes. From the copies I
>seen of all three (fighters, marine a/c & bombers) I have deduced that
>Harleyford Fighter volume was published initially in the mid to late
>and then later re-printed, how many times I don't know. My copy dates
>the early 1970's and is a facsimile edition with rather poor quality
>reproduction of the photographs. Both the Bomber and Marine aircraft
>appear to have been published around 1965. From the few copies I have
>of either volume there appears to have been only one printing, hence
>relative rarity of both volumes. The prices I have seen for these two
>mostly run in the $100 range for the last 10 years or so. I got very
>and found my copy of the marine a/c book at the 1985 IPMS Nationals
>$20.00. I'm not selling mine either.
> If anyone out there has any additional, more factual information
>this book series I, for one, would be glad to learn more of the
>behind them. Given that the drawings in all three volumes are well
over 30
>years old, one has to wonder about their accuracy given the higher
>drawings currently available.
> I do believe that the $1100 dollar Harleyford was a typo. That last
before that one that I saw for sale was $135. Their all worth around
that the fighter aircraft book being worth the least at about $75. I
know fo a fact that the Pfalz drawings in it are more acurate than many
of the more recently published drawings. ( note the cross sections as I
discuss earlier ) The Maritime AC book is supposed to be the rarest of
them all, but probaly not as sought after as the bomber and recon one.
$1100 dollars, come on, I don't care if it was signed by Abe Lincoln I
wouldn't pay $1100 for it. $200 tops and I think that is high.

keep em flyin'

Rick Ivansek