WW1 contest (non-flying)

Mark K. Nelson (mnelson@compusmart.ab.ca)
Wed, 6 Dec 1995 22:23:36 -0700

Hey, All!

RE: Plastic portion of 'Blue Max' First Annual Edmonton* WW1 Rally. R/C Aug
16-17, 1996.

I was only going to post to Guy Fawcett, but I thought the rest of you
might be interested too.

I had lunch with Vic S. (Mr. IPMS) a few days back. I think we've got the
format all worked out.

The venu may be a problem though. We are concerned about the turnout at a
site so "out of the way"**. (In fact Vic stated that if it isn't moved he
would help judge but that would be the limit of his involvement.) Ideally
the plastic event would be on the Saturday (or possibly friday evening) and
preferrably in a shopping*** mall for easier access & higher
spectator/contestant turnout.

Classes will be (at least):
1) Junior (all subjects, but expected turnout: likely 99% aircraft)
2) Senior Classes:
a) Aircraft
b) Land Vehicles (Armour, etc. . .)
c) Ships
d) Figures

The classes might be further divided (based on turnout.)
Aircraft might be split into 1/72 scale with larger scales separate,
further divisions into injected/resin/vac. might also occur. 1:1 scale if
you can bring your Pfalz ;) - sure thing for a prize.

My Internet account came with some Web space - I'll have to set something
up on it sometime soon. . .

*Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - for you poor ignorant tropical types.
**The site for the static portion of the R/C contest is an acerage south of
Stony Plain (no rough landing comments) - a community a short drive outside
of Edmonton.
***Probably WEM or a similar large mall. One comment I have heard from
several IPMS types is that they absolutely hate the venu for the local
chapter's annual contest - Lake Beaumaris Mall - the narrow corridors in
that mall make for close quarters and a V.High risk of spectator/display
interactions. . . WEM at least will provide nice green barricades - just
like at the real airshow.

Oh, Yeah! None of this has anything to do with my place of employment - In
this isolated case it is in interest of the support of the hobby, not the
hobby store.

Cheap Plug - for those of you interested in the R/C contest we are selling
the current release of the Dave Brown R/C flight simulator for $Can.
219.99+GST, etc. Practice. . . Practice. . .


Mark (From Kites & Other Delights in West Edmonton Mall)