Re[2]: 1/48 v 1/72
Thu, 07 Dec 95 07:52:03 PST

Advantage of 1/48: built OOTB, looks less toylike than 1/72.
There's a lot more detail etc included in the kit itself.
(now if you are a superdetailer in 1/72, "I'm not worthy;
I'm not worthy..." that's a different story and I hope that
the therapy is progressing well)

Disadvantage of 1/48: CAVERNOUS empty cockpit when that
detail ain't there. (Where was that discussion about the
portly pilot? are there any aftermarket products for chubby
pilots to fill up the cockpit?)

Advantage of 1/72: bang for the buck (keep your figner
crossed; prices are rising alarmingly). more choices of
subject. Aftermarket decals, decals, decals.

Disadvantage of 1/72: SMALL! I paid how much and spent how
much time on that Bf109 and it has a 3.5 inch wing span!!
Harder to paint camouflage, etc.

I am a convert to 1/48 after many years of 1/72 exclusivity.
Right now I will build either, but it depends on the
subject. B-17 -- 1/72; DrI -- 1/48.

---Stephen Tontoni