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Ray Boorman (
Thu, 7 Dec 1995 17:55:46 -0800

At 07:01 AM 04/12/95 -0500, you wrote:
>Hey, there's hope for you yet. At least regarding the Roland! ;-)
The Roland might one day get finished if I can keep my hands out
of other boxes!

>Not a bad kit. Probably Meikraft's best, IMNSHO. Still needs a
>little work, but worth the price. Even though the Pegasus kit is
>better, the Meikraft is a little less expensive.
Up here it was a lot less expensive, and I have always liked the Pfalz.

>> A formaplane Halberstadt CL II
>Have one. Sanded out the majority of the parts. The problems are
>(according to the Datafile): the ribs are wrong, the fuselage detail
>is best rescribed, the engine is best replaced, and the rear
>fuselage needs work. Other than that, all dimensions are practically
>spot on. Yes, you could do better with the Pegasus, but I'm sure the
>Formaplane is less expensive.
If you dont mind me asking what did you do about the undersides bottoms of
the wings.
Did you just round the edges or did you make new undersides from plastic
>> and a Blue Rider Conversion for a Sopwith Camel F1/3 camel Night Fighter
>> conversion.
>Another wonderful conversion from Blue Rider. Although I haven't
>built any yet, the parts look exquisite.
>You want the Airfix because the conversion is of a "Ship's Camel",
>and not the "regular" one.
Thanks for the advice. I dont have very much data on the Sopwith Camel
so I didnt know why Blue Rider were suggesting the Airfix Camel, now it
makes a bit more sense.
>Although I haven't looked at mine in ages, I beileve the Salamander
>is part of Pegasus' "new molds". Not as great as the newest
>offerings, but not as bad as the later ones.
The Salamander's mine !!
Also the guy at the store gets Datafiles and will phone me whenever new ones
come in. I dont have to buy but I'll get first crack. (After looking
through the Mini Datafiles I'm not sure I always want to either, I'm sure these
would have been better combined for say half the price. The printing and
distribution cost's would have been about the same as one datafile. They really
need to put a few more pages in these. The Lewis gun is only 8 pages.)
Thanks for the advice.