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Don Rinker (
Thu, 7 Dec 95 23:18 EST

On Thu, 7 Dec 1995, Jesse Thorn <> wrote:
>I find it takes quite a while to apply these damn things, but I have
>little idea what they actually were. Perhaps someone can enlighten me.
>1. What was the purpose of rib tapes?

Rib tapes conceal the knots ( or tacks) used to attach the fabric to
the wing ribs. Without attachment the fabric balloons due to air

>2. What were they made of?

Same or similar material as the covering. Some of the German ones
were stripped from Hex fabric. Most other were salmon pink or
several light blue hues, a few were white and / or black.
Most allied were natural fabric color doped in the final finish.

>3. Were they used on non-lozenge fabric covered flying surfaces?

Yes, most all A/C used them.

>4. Did anyone beside the Germans use them?

Yes, all........
>5. How were they applied?

Most WW1 vintage tapes were sliced from fabric stock, then the edges had
about 5-7 threads removed to give a "frayed" edge. This doped in well, leaving
may tapes almost invisible to the eye of 1918 vintage cameras.
Few (veryfew) were "pinked" as is done now days.

The tapes were doped on after the main fabric structeure had received its base
taughtening coats of dope, the tape was laid onto the Wetted area and then
doped right over gain with a sideways brush acrion to flatten the frayed
edge threads.

On models this is fun, but on a full size A/C it's a bit of hell. Ive done
this all many times.

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