Re: Balloon Busters

Bill Shatzer (
Thu, 7 Dec 1995 22:11:45 -0800

>> Ok, since everyone is out there asleep with nothing to do, how about
>a little research.
> We all now that Frank Luke was the top U.S. balloon buster and that
>Fritz Roth was his German counter part. What about France, England,
>Belgium, Italy, Austria-Hungary, and Russia. Who were the top balloon
>busters of these other nations, their squadrons and what they flew?(
>don't ask me because I don't know!) Is there anyone game for this
I think the top French 'ballon bustier' (?) was Maurice Boyau who had
16 'ballons'. A close runner-up was Marc Ambrogi - one of those rare
pilots credited with an aerial victory in TWO world wars although there
seems to be some dispute as to whether his 1940 victory was a Do.17 or
a Ju.52/3m.


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