Re: W.G.Barker - Snipe

Guy Fawcett (
Fri, 08 Dec 1995 09:54:24 -0600 (MDT)

Shane wrote:

>There is a picture of Major W.G.Barkers' Sopwith Snipe in the
appropriate Datafile. Around the rear fuselage are a series of (I assume)
white bands. They look _very_ rough, and hand painted.

I don't know of any WWI air craft that weren't hand painted aside from
pre-printed fabric patterns.

> I believe that the fuselage of this a/c is still existing in Canada BUT,
since it was still in service into 1920, would not be in the markings shown
in the photo (except if they've been re-created much later)

I'm not sure about the A/C still being in use, have you seen pictures of the
plane restored to flying condition after the air battle. I have personally
seen the fuselage held on display at the Canadian War Museum (the rest of the
aircraft was not brought over from England as far as I know). There has been
some crude patches applied but basically seems to be original. I'll look at
the picture I took and give you a better description on Monday

>Also, though the stripes LOOK crappy and hand painted, so does much of the
rest of the aircraft in the photo. It (the photo) may have been retouched
inexpertly, be damaged or even be a post war "recreation". Anything known?

The picture in the Datafile was taken shortly after the aircraft was recovered
from the battlefield and is simply proped up for the photo shoot.

Tally Ho