Sun, 10 Dec 1995 00:33:03 -0500 (EST)

1. Have you seen the latest official Rickenbacker painting? Includes a
shot of his S.P.A.D. S.13. Only 60 cents at your local post office.
2. I'm a casual WW1 modeler - my major a/c interest is Schneider - so
I haven't probed deeply into the intricacies of lozenge. But I'm
curious as to "why". Who thunk up the idea that regular hexagons of
strange color and certain size would yield invisibility at x thousand
3. My current a/c in work is a tad later in time - the Army Curtiss
CR-1flown by Acosta in the '21 Pulitzer. This is a 1/72 metal kit by
C.A. Atkins, and I need to know the shade of blue of the craft. I am
of the opinion it is like FS x5488, based on the photos in Foxworth, and
the tonal relation to the US blue of the rudder.