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Richard G. Ivansek (
Sat, 9 Dec 1995 23:47:05 -0800

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>2. I'm a casual WW1 modeler - my major a/c interest is Schneider - so
>I haven't probed deeply into the intricacies of lozenge. But I'm
>curious as to "why". Who thunk up the idea that regular hexagons of
>strange color and certain size would yield invisibility at x thousand

I don't believe that the pattern was intended to "hide" the aircraft
but that it was to work like ship camoflage. It was intended to make it
difficult to disinguish size and direction of travel. This is just an
educated guess I don't really know ( but it sounds good ).
It can't be meant to hide it. I mean how many yellow or pink clouds
have you seen? The underside colors are not consistent with something
that you're trying to hide against the sky.

Rick Ivansek

P.S.- Anyone know any real hard facts about this?