Re: Halberstadt D series

Charles Hart (
Mon, 11 Dec 1995 09:53:58 -0700

Mark wrote:

>Greetings to all -
>Does anyone out there know where I might find a Halberstadt DI thru DV
>series model kit in 1/48? Do you know of anyone that's ever manufactured
>one? I've gone thru my usual catalogs, etc. and found nothing so far. It's a
>plane I've always wanted to build, but it seems to be pretty rare.

These are machines that have received less than full attention in ANY
scale. The only three kits I know of are both in 1/72, the Halberstadt
D-II in vac form (male mold) from Airframe and a kit in White metal by C.A.
Atkins of the Halberstadt D-III and a short run injection kit of the D-II
by Merlin Models. This last kit was one of the first releases by that
concern and is difficult to find. The metal kit is probably the best of
the lot, though its wings are a little on the heavy side due to being metal