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Allan Wright (
Mon, 11 Dec 1995 11:37:22 -0500 (EST)

Charles Wrote:
> Mark wrote:
> >Does anyone out there know where I might find a Halberstadt DI thru DV
> >series model kit in 1/48? Do you know of anyone that's ever manufactured
> >one? I've gone thru my usual catalogs, etc. and found nothing so far. It's a
> >plane I've always wanted to build, but it seems to be pretty rare.
> These are machines that have received less than full attention in ANY
> scale. The only three kits I know of are both in 1/72, the Halberstadt
> D-II in vac form (male mold) from Airframe and a kit in White metal by C.A.
> Atkins of the Halberstadt D-III and a short run injection kit of the D-II
> by Merlin Models. This last kit was one of the first releases by that
> concern and is difficult to find. The metal kit is probably the best of
> the lot, though its wings are a little on the heavy side due to being metal
> casts.

I've built the Merlin - typical for their stuff - a little thick in the
wings, generally rough surface - but buildable. You have to scratch the
struts, which is no small task considering the complexity of the tail section
supports and landing tailskid.

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