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Mon, 11 Dec 1995 18:57:44 -0500

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On December 11, Charles Hart wrote:
> I'm not sure that I agree with the use of "scale" colors on models of
>any scale. In the case of lozenge, the polygons are reduced in size, hence
>the visual effect is retained, though Bill is correct in noting that there
>would be shifts involved with viewing these colors from considerable
>distance. So what do we build models for ? Should it be for accurate
>viewing from close up or for the "scaled" effect of views from a distance?
>Answers from the list ?

My two cents: I've found that 'true' colors look too dark on a model. I
don't think there's any precise scientific way to deal with 'scale color' (a
paint expert I know gets twitchy any time people talk about 'just add white')
but some lightening or muting seems to add to the overall effect. Sometimes
that can vary with subject. If I'm doing a [warning, non-WW I content
follows] Fleet Air Arm aircraft in dark slate grey and extra dark sea grey, I
intermix the two colors (about 10%), which helps to create a more blended,
worn color scheme. But you can't do that with more distinct colors like
brown and green.