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Greg Springer (
Mon, 11 Dec 1995 16:36:54 -0800

Charles Hart has written:

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> I'm not sure that I agree with the use of "scale" colors on
models of
>any scale. In the case of lozenge, the polygons are reduced in size,
>the visual effect is retained, though Bill is correct in noting that
>would be shifts involved with viewing these colors from considerable
>distance. So what do we build models for ? Should it be for accurate
>viewing from close up or for the "scaled" effect of views from a
>Answers from the list ?
As I understand it, scale effect is a means of duplicating the effect
of viewing the full-sized subject through the atmosphere which contains
dust and water vapor. The difusing of light by these particles causes
a shift in the gray scale of the subject's colors to lighter and more
gray tones. A 1/48 scale model viewed at a distance of two feet is the
same as viewing the original at 96 feet. In 1/72 it's 144 feet and so
on. Therefore the smaller the scale the greater the effect. Adding
white lightens the color but at the same time subdues it's brightness.
In Belgium and northern France the weather is not often sunny and the
light is very difuse. I've opted for adding white because it just
looks right to me. There's my zwei pfennig's worth.


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