Re: 1/72 guns

Mark K. Nelson (
Mon, 11 Dec 1995 22:47:31 -0700

>> For 1/72 (The Master Scale), what is the prefered after-market machinegun
>> manufacturer? I bought a PE set, but I'll be damned if anyone less than
>> Steve could get those things to look right! Any others?
>> Erik
>For Lewis, Vickers and Parabellum I use Aeroclub right out of the bag.

I have to agree with Aeroclub for Vickers - nobody has an etched Vickers
jacket that looks anything remotely right.

I've built many foto-etch gun - they are fiddly but not that hard (I'm
young and patient while looking for cocking handles in the shadows on the
brown concrete floor. . .)

Tom's Modelworks Lewis, Parabellums & Spandaus look awesome - if only the
instructions had better detail on the fittings on the Spandaus. (And if
only the Lewis guns game with extra magazines or some of the large


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