Re: lozenge theory
Tue, 12 Dec 1995 00:50:11 -0500

Its funny that despite the efforts of the colorists and developers of lozenge
camouflage, what with the research and development effort that was no doubt
involved, units emblazoned high visibilty markings of all sorts on the very
aircraft that lozenge was intended to hide. It seems there is a conflict of
interests here. The "management" puts forth an effort to gain a slight edge
in combat by regulating a consistent, well planned deception scheme identical
from aircraft to aircraft, kind of an overall "team" approach- while the
pilots in harm's way seem to have a more individualistic approach stressing
rapid identification, boastful taunting, and intimidation. "Lozenge be
damned! My name screaming from the top of my wing shall strike fear in the
hearts of the English!!," I might expect to hear. Kind of ironic, and not
limited to the Great War. Which school of thought works best, or am I way
off? Sometimes you just have to wonder.

Scott H.