Re: To our NASM contingent

Matt Bittner (
Tue, 12 Dec 1995 07:23:31 -0500

On 11 Dec 95 at 17:14, Brian Nicklas typed diligently:

> (You don't mean the tailhook, do you?)

> No. This "thing" is on top of the fuselage. I *think* it's an
> entry/exit point for some control cable, but I can't tell with the
> pictures I've seen.

Also FWIW, the tailhook wasn't added until very late in the program -
and then only to all Sparrowhawks after the destruction of both the
Akron and the Macon. Turns out the Akron went first, followed by the
Macon a couple of years later.

I promise to be on topic next message...;-)