Re[2]: What I'm working on (with Q)
Thu, 30 Nov 95 07:59:30 PST

>BTW Eduard's Hansa Brandemburg D.I kit include decal sheets what a
grains of
> wood.
>Is color of D.I wooden parts as like this decal?
>I believe which it is more burnish, dark wood color until.
>--Hirohisa Ozaki
I haven't seen the decal sheet in Eduard's Hansa Brandenburg D.1,
but aircraft built by the Central Powers predominantly use Birch wood
in their construction. This wood is very blonde in appearance and is
most likely what was use to sheet the H B D.1. So if it looks like
that, use it.

I have that kit also and the decals for the wood are a
little darker than your decription, so maybe a light spray
to tone down the woodiness sounds right. Maybe treat it like
a weathering project. Does that sound right to others?

---Stephen Tontoni