Re: What I'm working on

Charles Hart (
Thu, 30 Nov 1995 10:44:53 -0700

Mark has written:

>- Eduard Hansa-Brandenburg DI. I think the "simulated woodgrain" decal
>sheet is kind of cheesy. And, like Hiro pointed out, it should be darker.
>Anybody have any tips on how to best do a dark woodgrain using paint?
I agree, this decal is pretty cheesy looking with terribly large
simulated "grain". A fellow in the Denver IPMS built a beautiful Eduard
Siemens Shukert D-III that took a prize in Albuquerque last July. He
painted the wood finish using artist oils and achieved a very nice result.
His fuselage is pretty dark looking, but then that comes from looking at
b&w photos of the real thing. Who is to say what is absolutely correct.


>Finally, I can't resist the temptation to point out the fact that my
>collection is <<<<entirely>>>> WWI, unlike some you heathen heretics out
>there! ;-)

I suppose this means that you get to cast rocks at all the rest of us.