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I found this project most interesting. Any in-progress pictures in
I Aeroplanes yet ??
>5. 1/1 Pfalz D.XII Scratchbuilt (gets worked on only when time and
> money permit) Current status: All original Insturmentation and
> cockpit controls collected or reproduced, Almost complete Radiator,
> and rudimentary fuselage work has commenced.

From your other post it sounds as though you found the best
for drawings. Like some other members of the WW I list, I would find
interesting if small scale copies could become available. Where is
workshop ?? Hard to tell from your electronic address?

Charles Hart


No I haven't sent any pictures to Leo yet. I was waiting for
something more to take a picture of, ( It dosn't look like much more
than a collection of parts right now) maybe in a few more months.
I would be more than happy to provide prints to you if you would
cover copy and postage costs ( THEIR ARE QUITE A FEW! ). Most of them
deal with individual components like like cotrol horns, ammo box and
belt collection trays, etc. You may find them helpful.
I live in Phoenix, Arizona and currently building in a workshop at my
home. When I get to the wings I'll have to move to a larger facility.

--Rick Ivansek