RE: What I'm working on
01 Dec 95 12:31:00 EST

Hi Greg,

For an OAW Albatros, I Masked and painted the panels of the fuselage
with old type Floquil Rust mixed to various slightly different shades.
The contrasting dark swirls were done with Testors dark brown gloss
thinned and put on with a brush. The brush was laid on it's side and
the desired pattern painted with reference to a full-sized piece of
plywood sitting by the work bench. After it dried, I lightly sanded
with new 320 grit for a grain appearance. When I had the desired
contrast I gloss coated it and a lot of the subtle effect disappeared!
The moral is to use paint with more contrast than desired and the top
coat will tone it down. Any two types of paint which will not react
with each other can be used for this method but gloss for the pattern
gives the best result. Using this method gives a very realistic effect
but practice it on scrap first.

Fabulous techique, identical with mine except I can't get Floquil, and I
rub with a little piece that 3M green scouring pad!

BTW, how goes the Swabians (if at all)