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Thanks for the info about your project. It certainly makes a change
hearing about plastic modelling.

I am curious about your comment regarding flat sides on the DXII. Last
I was standing along side the DXII at the Australian War Memorial
Museum and
did not notice this feature. I had permission to photograph the Benz
that are positioned alongside the Pfalz and in consequence was withing
distance. (figuratively speaking only for the deal was "No Touchy" only

I have not concerned myself about the main structure because I assumed
the Ian Stair drawings to be reasonably correct but now you are
that that confidence may be misplaced.


Paul Butler

P.S. If you are willing, I am sure that most members of the list would
be willing to hear more about your Pfalz.


Ian's drawings are not too bad from what I can tell by just looking at
them,as far as top and side view are concerned.
Look at the cross sections and note the egg shape, then look on page
21 of the Data File and note the formers stacked against the wall in
the lower photo. These formers are D XII formers. The former in front
is No.5 (5th from the front) and the tall one is No.7 (7th from the
front) all have very flat sides. These correspond to the cockpit
section of the aircraft. These match those in in Champlin machine that
I have examined very closely on several occasions. (Admittedly the
effect is very subtle when viewing the full scale original.)
I can send you the new cross sections if you would like, for the
postage required to send them.

Thanks and hope I've been helpful,

P.S. - Feel free to ask any questions you like about the subject. As
you probably already figured out I don't easily tie of discussing it.