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Matt Bittner (
Fri, 1 Dec 1995 13:03:07 -0500

On 30 Nov 95 at 13:34, Carlos Valdes typed diligently:

> I've recently subscribed to this list, having a keen interest in
> WWI aviation--particularly German fighters, and would like to take this
> opportunity to say hello and also ask a few questions.

Welcome! You'll find a good friend in Steve Hustad. He too is
Germanic minded.

> I haven't been an active modeler since the '70's. Instead, the
> last several years have seen me building up an extensive collection of kits,
> decals, and references, waiting for the day when I had the time, space, and
> confidence to actually build something. Well, it seems that day is just
> about here, and although I have no intention of ever entering a contest or
> producing anything better than a "decent" model, I'd still like to do my
> best, hence my first two questions (and I apologize if these topics have
> been covered here recenntly):

Hey, don't cut yourself short!

> 1. Can anyone offer any suggestions concerning rigging methods and
> materials for both 1/72 and 1/48 kits?

For 1/72nd, I use brass .006" wire dipped in a chemical called
Blacken It. I've wanted to use .004" stainless steel, but I can't
find anyone who sells it *straight*. The wire is put out by a model
railroad company called Detail Associates.

I use it thus: I measure where I want to rig with a pair of
dividers. I then transfer than measurement (plus a little) to the
wire and cut. I then fit and trim as appropriate, until I've got a
snug fit. Once the fitting is complete, I dip the trimmed wire in
the Blacken It (also a model railroad thingy) and then stick it in
place with the *smallest* amount of superglue. There's no such thing
as sag with metal.

> 2. How does one use wood-grain decals? How can pieces be measured
> and applied to round fuselages?

I've only used the decals on the *inside* of the fuselage, where it
won't be as obvious as the outside (as far a too large for scale,
etc.) I've used the PropagTeam 1/72nd wood decals, and after cutting
them to the approximate size (plus a little) I adhered them using the
SuperScale method. If I've got a more difficult curve, or a bump to
snuggle down around, then I'll use Solvaset (once again, mostly found
in the model railroad section). HTH.


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