Re: mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, in triplani

Matt Bittner (
Fri, 1 Dec 1995 13:03:07 -0500

On 1 Dec 95 at 12:23, typed diligently:

> Okay Matt, I admit it, I goofed. Despite checking TWO references I never
> took the elementary precaution of checking whether one had sourced its'
> figures from the other.


> And now, I have checked up the figures in "Above the Trenches" and I
> concede that Jacobs probably did outscore Little on triplanes. ( sob,
> sob :-( sob ....)

Well, well...

> Assuming that AtT is correct, Little scored 4 flying Pups, 25 flying
> Tripes and the remainder flying Camels. Which leaves Jacobs ahead of
> him. However, lest Matt get too excited, AtT has Collishaw with 34
> triplane victories which MAY still leave him right (in what he actually
> meant to ask) and wrong (in what he asked) since I THINK this exceeds
> Jacobs by one.

Well, most "official" records have Jacobs one or two kills behind
what he claimed. However, the current thinking is that he got these
last kills in his D.VII - which we're still waiting for more than
just that one hard-to-see photo.

> I don't actually "own" AtT since at A$110 it's a trifle more than I want
> to pay for a book of lists, but it seems pretty much authoratative.
> Looking at the aircraft serials I assume that my other source has
> mistaken the serial of Littles' first Camel for a triplane, and just as
> soon as I take my punishment for this gross error I plan to get some
> revenge!

Actually AtT is the only one of the series I don't own. Moola is the
reason as well. However, I'll have to check my _other_ sources for

> So to the list in general, and Matt and Anthony in particular:
> Okay guys, start stoning. Only, mind the face, it's ugly enough already.

Hmm...Too easy. We'll have to think of something else to do.


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