7 Swabians

Charles Hart (hartc@spot.colorado.edu)
Fri, 1 Dec 1995 14:06:45 -0700

>On 30 Nov 95 at 10:37, Erik Pilawskii typed diligently:
>> On Wed, 29 Nov 1995, Greg Springer wrote:
>> > On the back burner: DML Spad XIII-de Turenne's 'Chant et Combat'
>> > DML DVII 'Seven Swabians'(still researching)
>> >
>> Greg, I have a good shot or two of the Swabian's image from the D.VII
>> at Old Rhinebeck. Lemme know if yer interested in a print.
>According to the Windsock issue that deals with the SS D.VII, the Old
>Rhinebeck D.VII scheme is very suspect.
All it takes is looking at photos of the Rhinebeck replica against the
original item. The replica is not suspect, it is just plain wrong, a
caracature of the original.