Re: What I'm working on

Bill Ciciora (
Fri, 01 Dec 95 15:12:16 EST

On Thu, 30 Nov 1995 10:04:49 Matt wrote:

>I highly recommend building a vac. You definitely want to start with
>something a little easier - and comes with the "smaller bits" in
>plastic, resin or metal, thus avoiding the scratching that most,
>older vacs required. What would be good? Hmmm... Maybe a Sierra
>Scale vac? My (honest) first vac was a Phoenix (now Blue Rider) Otto
>C.I Doppeldecker. I only had to worry about 6 vac parts - since it's
>a boomer, and the booms are made with Contrail rod and strut. Not a
>good first timer, if only for the booms and rigging.

Can you or anyone on the list recommend a cheap 1/48 vac to try?