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Matt Bittner (
Fri, 1 Dec 1995 15:36:11 -0500

On 1 Dec 95 at 15:12, Bill Ciciora typed diligently:

> Can you or anyone on the list recommend a cheap 1/48 vac to try?

Without any references here at work, I would hazard at guessing at
Sierra Scale. They have some single seaters that are (I think)
below $20, so this might be a way to go. Koster's are in the upper
$20's, so that isn't as cheap as you're looking for. What about
*old* Tom's Modelworks? I haven't seen the prices on these, but I
would suspect them to be in the $10's to $20's range. And I'm not
sure about availabilty with Tom's, since he's re-releasing a lot of
his kits in resin. Hopefully someone else can shed some light.


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