Re: mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, in triplani

Mike Franklin (
Fri, 1 Dec 1995 14:05:53 -0800

Our esteemed friend Bill Shatzer has written

> Basically, Markham was unable to uncover
>absolutely _no_ contemporary documentation, either British or German,
>except Bishop's own unsubstantiated report that such an attack ever

Good people,

I have found that here we are treading in a particularly
sensitive area. I have several Canadian friends who like some fans of
professional sports, take VERY personally the questioning of their
National Hero. They seem to feel that to question Billy's reputation is to
cast aspersions upon themselves and Canada as a whole. They also feel that
way about the Brown vs. the Australian gunners debate. These
Canadians are in no way unique in this sort of thinking.

The relm of Hero is one of myth, and truth becomes a casualty.
This is true in sports superstars, rock'n roll icons, and war heros.
People will make a religion of certain aspects of life and they will
nominate their hero/gods, and gods are larger than life and not subject to
the limitations of our mundane existance.

I have found that facts, statistics, and documentation can
build a case for truth, but by in large people are going to believe
what they want to believe regardless. This is life.

Over ' Out, Mike

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