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Richard G. Ivansek (
Fri, 1 Dec 1995 22:02:36 -0800

You wrote:
> Rick,
>> 5. 1/1 Pfalz D.XII Scratchbuilt (gets worked on only when time and

>> money permit) Current status: All original Insturmentation and
>> cockpit controls collected or reproduced, Almost complete
>> and rudimentary fuselage work has commenced.
> Is this to be a full-scale mock-up? Or an actual replica? Are you
>for airworthy?
> This is all so fascinating, for recently I have become aware for the

>first time of a number of persons building full-size 'models' of
>aircraft. For the most part, these are completed in wood, and as far
as I
>gathered do not include any kind of interior detail, excepting in the
>and perhaps engine compartment(s).
> Is this in ther realm in your project? Or not?.....
> Erik
In answer to your question:

Yes, However the term "model" was really meant as a joke. I have
heard of several projects that our full scale and not intended to be
This is not the case with my replica, it evetually will fly ( maybe 5
to 6 more years from now ). I'm using all original construction
tecniques and materials ( with the exception of modern adhesives ) and
as many original parts I can get my hands on.
The engine at the moment is going to be a modern fuel injected
straight six, with a 4-1 gear reduction system. This will be mounted
low enough so dummy Mercedes cylinder heads can be attached above it,
and the exhuast routed out through the fake cylinder heads into a
proper exhuast stack. It will be mounted in a steel tube cradle which
will attach to the ash engine bearers like the original Mercedes did.
This will easily allow an original engine swap in the future if the
opportunity ever presents it's self.
I have currently collected all original insturmentation (listed
below) with the help of Jody Gertler, Roy Rehm, and several other
collecters and dealers.

1. Whilhelm Morell Altimeter Marked from 0-8000 meters
2. Tachometer ( I don't remember the maker off hand)
3. Manometer maker unknown
4. Pathfinder type compass maker unknown
5. Whilhelm Morrel Anemometer ASI
6. Bosch starting magneto
7. Hand air pump
8. 3 way fuel/air valves
9. water pump greaser

I'm still looking for a magneto switch ( the 4 position, all brass
type ) and am going to modify a Muller Fuel Gauge with a side exit
float line to a flat floor mount type.

I've also obtained all of the turnbuckles, turnbutton fasteners, and
spring clips, plus 2 dewat MG 08/15s.

Well I guess that's a long winded enough answer.

--Rick Ivansek