Re: Rigging Material
Sat, 2 Dec 1995 01:52:34 -0500

That copper wire method sounds interesting, Matt. In my limited but
expanding experience with WWI aircraft I've found that monofilament fly
fishing tippet works well. It comes in the finest of widths, the finest I've
used is about that of a human hair (rigged a 1/144 scale Pup- insane!) Vaious
widths have been used on my 1/72 and larger projects as well. I have found
that using a diabetic's insulin hypodermic needle I can drill a fine hole in
the strut or aircraft, pass the monofilament through, and apply a fine amount
of superglue. I usually color the rigging with steel or dark iron metalizer.
The beauty is that when the line is taught, it is flexible enough to
withstand a misplaced finger. Heating as with sprue is somewhat successful to
tighten if needed.
I look for other methods too, if anyone else could offer methods this
relatively new WW1 modeler would really be appreciative. Thanks!

Scott H.