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Sat, 2 Dec 1995 11:24:14 -0500

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If there is no letter attached, please let me know. My level of proficiency
on e-mail is...Well it just is. RAM III

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Good Morning...My uncle, Harry Stitle Manchester, was from Canfield, OH, =
In 1917 he enlisted in the Army and went thru pilot traing in Ohio and wa=
then transferred to Foggia, Italy, where he was cross-trained and became =
instructor in both fighters and bombers. From the day he left the Colleg=
e of
Wooster until he returned home from the war, he kept a diary. In the ear=
1960's he prepared a manuscript that incorporated the diary information a=
copies of the more important documents applicable to his war time service=
=2E I
have the manuscript, originals of the documents (e.g. his notes on how to=
a bi-plane, receipts for hotels in Rome, weather data, etc.) and the phot=
ographs he took both while flying and on the ground. I would be most hap=
py to share this information with those who are seriously interested in t=
he history of WWI aviation. I am unaware of any similar collection anywh=
ere. If anyone is interested, please contact me via e-mail. I can then =
arrange to have copies of the manuscript prepared and send them out. The=

only cost would be the cost of copying and mailing. Anyone interested in=

reviewing the photos and original documents is welcome to do so at my hom=
e or
office. My office telephone number (in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA) is
405/232-6655. My home number is 405/755-6655. RAM III