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Ray Boorman (
Sat, 2 Dec 1995 11:34:34 -0800

I have been on the list for a few months and have even posted once or twice,
so I thought it was high time I introduced myself. My name is Ray Boorman
and I am originally from London England. I have lived in various parts of
the US and I have most recently moved from ST Louis Mo to the Vancouver area
in British Columbia, Canada. To maintain my modelling habit I work as a
System's Analyst, Programmer or whatever they want to call me as long as
they pay me this month! I am married with one four year old son who is
slowly being weaned off Thomas the Tank engine and being brain-washed to
appreciate the finer things in life, namely aircraft and the older the better!
I have only recently returned to building models after a gap of 20 years or
so. Frog were still in business last time I finished a model. I build at the
present time only Aircraft. Usually in 1/72 and 1/48 sorry about that but I
guess with 1/48th I am what you could call scale disadvantaged :-).

At present I am halfway through building an Airfix Roland C II in 1/72
(There's hope for me yet) And I keep
opening the box and olgling (SP) an Eduard Sopwith Pup.

My number one dislike is getting ready to use my Airbrush and cleaning it.
(I have a very ancient Badger 200)
I have always thought that getting the paint consistency right for
airbrushing was one of those black arts.
Either its too thick and clogs and spits or its to thin and runs off the
model like water. Although I have heard that the new paint's from Floquil
work with virtually no thinning (I'll beleive this when I see it)

Just yesterday I visited a new hobby store (at least to me) and found the
following models.

A Meikraft Pfalz D.III in 1/72 (The reissued one not the original)
A formaplane Halberstadt CL II
and a Blue Rider Conversion for a Sopwith Camel F1/3 camel Night Fighter
If anyone has any advice or comments on these 3 I would appreciate them
Especially on the Camel, the Instructions for this state the conversion
should be used with the Airfix Camel, but wouldnt the Revel one be better
since it would seem to be better moulded. The conversion consist's of the
fuselage mainly with the wings coming from the Airfix model.

I also had to leave behind (Little things like budget or at least not
earning the wrath of my wife)
A formaplane BE2c
A second Meikraft Pfalz, it would be nice to build a D III and D IIIa since
this model comes with parts for both
And a Pegasus Sopwith Salamander. (Is this up to Pegasus's current standards
or would it require a lot of work)
Of course the one thing about building WW1 Aircraft is that they usually
hang around the hobby store for a while so these models should still be
their for me to rescue next time I visit.
If there are any Canadian Modellers on the list I would appreciate any
information they have on where they get
their models and Books. (I'm fed up with buying from outside Canada and
getting nailed with customs fees and even a fee for handling the shipment.
Last one I got was for a Datafile from Wise Owl in the US which cost me
18 dolars including shipping but then I had to pay at my end a fee of 2
dollars for excise tax but a 5 dollar
handling fee. Kind of a tax on a tax eh!

Well I guess I'll stop Rambling
Ray Boorman

Sorry about any spelling but hey I'm a programmer and programmers can't
spell !!!