Re: Resin Armor Kits
Sat, 2 Dec 1995 16:03:13 -0500

Hi Jesse,

I've built numerous WWI tank models and have searched high and low for
various items. Let me fill you in:

Commanders is a resin kit manufacturer that has several variations of the
FT-17 as well a bunch of great WWI armored cars. If you don't mind 1/32
scale, Scale Link has HIGHLY accurate and detailed models of Mark IVs, Roills
Royce Armourded cars, etc. They're made in England and are all metal. The
Mark IV is even detailed inside incluiding engines, levers, etc.
Still another manufacturer of numerousWWI tank models in 1/32 is Blue-Jacket
out of Maine- they're wood and cast metal treads/parts. I just built a Mark
I and it really looks fine.
Last but not least 1/48 scale WWI tanks (a ton of variations) are available
from Monarch Miniatures in New York. They're cast metal kits designed by the
legendary modeler O. Gordon...he too was a WWI fanatic.
If you want addresses, prices, etc. email me back and I'll forward my
extensive findings,.