Re: US Navy top ace WW1? (David Ingalls)
Sun, 3 Dec 95 14:01 CST

On Sat, 2 Dec 1995, Bill Shatzer wrote:

>His first victory was with 13 sqdn RNAS before it become 213 sqdn RAF.
>My references say 5 victories, not six, but you might be right - pinning
>down the exact number of 'official' victories out of the 1914-18 War
>is _almost_ as tough as pinning down the number of 'real' victories.

_Above the Trenches_ lists his first victory on 11 Aug 1918, which would
be RAF. While AtT lists no OOC victories, they list five of the six as
shared victories. His only unshared victory is listed as a Fokker D.VII
on 20 Sep 1918. The shared aircraft victories are over two-seaters, and
one balloon.

Bill Ciciora