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On 2 Dec 95 at 11:34, Ray Boorman typed diligently:

> Hellooo!

Back at 'ya!

> At present I am halfway through building an Airfix Roland C II in 1/72
> (There's hope for me yet) And I keep
> opening the box and olgling (SP) an Eduard Sopwith Pup.

Hey, there's hope for you yet. At least regarding the Roland! ;-)

> A Meikraft Pfalz D.III in 1/72 (The reissued one not the original)

Not a bad kit. Probably Meikraft's best, IMNSHO. Still needs a
little work, but worth the price. Even though the Pegasus kit is
better, the Meikraft is a little less expensive.

> A formaplane Halberstadt CL II

Have one. Sanded out the majority of the parts. The problems are
(according to the Datafile): the ribs are wrong, the fuselage detail
is best rescribed, the engine is best replaced, and the rear
fuselage needs work. Other than that, all dimensions are practically
spot on. Yes, you could do better with the Pegasus, but I'm sure the
Formaplane is less expensive.

> and a Blue Rider Conversion for a Sopwith Camel F1/3 camel Night Fighter
> conversion.

Another wonderful conversion from Blue Rider. Although I haven't
built any yet, the parts look exquisite.

> If anyone has any advice or comments on these 3 I would appreciate them
> Especially on the Camel, the Instructions for this state the conversion
> should be used with the Airfix Camel, but wouldnt the Revel one be better
> since it would seem to be better moulded. The conversion consist's of the
> fuselage mainly with the wings coming from the Airfix model.

You want the Airfix because the conversion is of a "Ship's Camel",
and not the "regular" one.

> I also had to leave behind (Little things like budget or at least not
> earning the wrath of my wife)
> A formaplane BE2c
> A second Meikraft Pfalz, it would be nice to build a D III and D IIIa since
> this model comes with parts for both
> And a Pegasus Sopwith Salamander. (Is this up to Pegasus's current standards
> or would it require a lot of work)

Although I haven't looked at mine in ages, I beileve the Salamander
is part of Pegasus' "new molds". Not as great as the newest
offerings, but not as bad as the later ones.

> Of course the one thing about building WW1 Aircraft is that they usually
> hang around the hobby store for a while so these models should still be
> their for me to rescue next time I visit.

Do It!!

> Sorry about any spelling but hey I'm a programmer and programmers can't
> spell !!!

>From one programr to anothr, whose cheking?


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