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Mon, 4 Dec 1995 07:19:08 -0500

On 4 Dec 95 at 1:28, typed diligently:

> Hello all! OK, so this question might give away my lack of experience with
> lozenge and defy my hopes of being a fully acceptable to my fellow modelers
> ;), BUT...
> 1.) I just can't seem to get all of those air bubbles out from under my
> lozenge decals. I've tried many methods, and so far I've simply poked and
> prodded with needles and Solvaset to get those bubbles out, but there's
> always one or two I have to shave off later, then having to mix and match
> paint for touch up. Is there a secret I haven't been let in on?

Are you using anything underneath? For example, are you glossing
before putting the decals on? Then are you using Micro (or Super)
Sol on the model before you put the decal on? Once you get the decal
on, are you trying to smooth it down any? Are you using anything on
top of the decal as it's drying?

> 2.) How about those trailing edges? Is it as easy as cutting out a near
> perect match from the decal sheet? Shrinkage(?) has spoiled my efforts along
> the TEs before, maybe there's another way?

I usually wrap some around, then cut as close as I can to the
trailing edge underneath, or on top - depending on which side I'm
wrapping around. I'll usually wrap the top to the bottom, that way
it won't be as "obvious".

> 3.) Recommended maufacturer? Americal seems to be the accepted choice around
> here, I've used the hexes for an Aviatik. I've used the Aeromaster 5 color
> scheme, it looks fine to me, but a heated debate in AOL's model forum left me
> unsatisfied. Eduard's out-of-the- box seem a bit hard to swallow. Any
> reccomendations?

I've heard good things about the Pegasus decals. I've also heard
good things about the Americal decals - if you get a sheet that's in
register. Personally, I've only used the Almark 4 color and the
Superscale 5 color. Like both, and would use them again.

> By the way, I'm a relatively new member to this mailing list, so forgive my
> ignorance if this topic has been covered (pun! :)).


> My name is Scott H. from Houston, Texas and I have always had an interest in
> WWI aviation. Since being inspired by the owner of Lone Star Models and his
> HUGE Felixstowe (he's in my IPMS Chapter) to build WWI aircraft (but not his
> kits! Too rough for me still), I've looked for the elusive group of
> like-minded builders and I hope I've found gold! Thanks!

Gads, that's HUGE!! And - judging from the people on this list - you
have struck better than gold!


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