single sided vacu wings- what do you do ?

Martin Lawder (mala1231@sulu.fb12.TU-Berlin.DE)
Mon, 4 Dec 1995 16:00:05 +22300819 (MEZ)

'allo 'allo,

I've just started on a nice 1/72 Scaleplanes dH 5, vacu kit.
Nice kit, with simple cockpit detail, brass detail for instruments,
and white metal whhels, airscrew, vickers, and rotary.

Now I need a bit of advice:
After sanding down the single sided wings they look sort of like this:

=== ========
=== =======
... ........

What do you do then? Do you round the leading edge just on the underside, or
also on the upper side of the leading edge. And do you then
try to score rib detail on the underside, ignore it, glue on hsp, glue
on a 5 thou plastic sheet with rib detail scored on the inside ? or what?

Many thanks for any info, and some practical advice.

Hope this starts a new thread :-)