Re[2]: Lozenge: Dumb Questions
Mon, 04 Dec 95 08:10:27 PST

Are you using anything underneath? For example, are you glossing
before putting the decals on? Then are you using Micro (or Super)
Sol on the model before you put the decal on? Once you get the decal
on, are you trying to smooth it down any? Are you using anything on
top of the decal as it's drying?

I second that: although I don't have any experience with
lozenge decals (yet), I know that you have to do your best
to eliminate air under the decal. This should help prevent
both bubbling and silvering. I use a generous amount of
Solvaset and scrub the surface before decal application.
Always test your decal (something that you don't plan on
using) before you use any solvent. Solvaset may melt your
decals .... not fun. Microsol is less potent. Interesting
that a lot of people are using paper towels, cotton cloth,
etc to rub out the bubbles. I use a paint brush, and roll it
across the decal surface. Less tendency to distort or leave
things behind. Each to his/her own!

---Stephen Tontoni